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We invite you to join our scheme. Please note that you need to place a back to us before you submit the form, or within 24 hours. All request submissions are automatically placed in the admin approval queue, and back to us are checked by the system on a daily basis, if you remove the back to us the system will automatically suspend our back to you.

Important Notes:

  • Please use the format supplied below to to us. Please to us via a simple HTML , not via a script which redirects.
  • Please to us from a page that is directly accessible from your site's homepage via an HTML .
  • Please do not to us from junk pages. Preferably do not use the words , , or on your page or anywhere on your site. That is why we are using images on this page.
  • There is no need for you to to us from the site you want US to to. In fact it is even better if you don't do it this way. E.g. You want US to to YOUR site "cuckoo.com" but you give US a back from YOUR OTHER SITE "penguin.com". This is a more natural way to and more effective.

We have done our best for our to you to be of the best quality, please do the same for us! That is why we are using this particular script, and recommend its install for this purpose.

Please back to us in the following manner, you may copy and paste the HTML into your page:

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